How to Increase Your Daily Activity Level 4

Everyone is always interested in how to increase their daily activity in order to improve one’s cardiovascular level. Each morning make an attempt to get up 30 minutes early and go for a brisk away around your neighborhood. Walking first thing in the morning will give you energy to conquer the day. After working hours […]

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Keep Going

Just….. KEEP GOING!!!

Dear Discouraged Fitness Enthusiast: I understand it’s been a few weeks since you have started your fitness journey and you are discouraged because you haven’t lost a significant amount of weight or drop a pant size yet. I promise it will happen for you, just………….KEEP GOING!!  The truth is transforming your body through proper nutrition and exercise […]

10 Lessons I Have Learned About Life…

  This year I have become more insightful and understanding of my past, which I will share soon. I have learned in order to be truly happy with yourself, you must first accept everything about YOU and retrain your mind to think positive thoughts rather than negative thoughts. From observing different situations and life lessons I’ve been through, I […]

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Girls compete, Women empower

Be Kind Anyway….. 6

Sometimes we cannot understand the “why” of others actions. All we can do is continue being positive, inspiring and helpful, even to those who may not appreciate your kindness. Doing good, being kind and caring, showing love and generosity are all characteristic traits of a genuine person. These actions should be done because YOU as a […]

Swim Workout 2

Good Morning Everyone!! I hope you are having a fabulous week so far, there are only two more days until the weekend and I couldn’t be more excited because this week has been rough! My weekend plans consist of class on Saturday and then date night with my sweet husband. Sunday we are headed to […]

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Hidden Treasure 4

One of my other passions besides health and fitness is refinishing furniture! I love antiques and unique pieces, sometimes I think I was born in the wrong time period. My parents found this unique but VERY ugly to look at buffet console at an estate sale for 10 BUCKS!!! I spent 40 dollars on supplies […]

Happy 4th of July!!

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!   Today is my favorite day of Summer which is a day filled with BBQs, swimming, sun, fireworks and celebrating our freedom with friends and family. While we enjoy our cookouts, day at the pool or beach and nightly fireworks, let’s remember why we were given this day. The 4th of July is such […]


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Go Fish – Farm Raised vs Wild Caught

When it comes to eating healthy it’s important to choose the right foods, such as lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.  Among the list of lean proteins, fish is ranked one of the highest because of its benefits. Fish is high in protein and provides an excellent source of omega 3′s. Omega 3′s can […]

Tell The Scale To GFY…..And The Fad Diet Too!!! 2

One day you wake up and decide to set a goal and lose some weight. You make a goal, “I need to lose X amount of weight by X month”. Like most people you begin to carefully watch what you eat, do excesses amounts of cardio and feel like you should start a lettuce farm, […]



Removing Toxic People From Your Life

Facebook is a great way for family and friends to stay in touch and remain connected from a distance. After a few years of having my own page and many confirmed friend requests later,  my friends list grew to over 900. These were all people I knew from childhood, school, pervious jobs, and past life experiences, […]


Good Morning Everyone and Happy Friday!!! I am so happy it’s FRIDAY because it has been a very busy week at the office. I am looking forward to this weekend because I begin my first class of the Master of Fitness Design course created by Dr. Jack Baranthan. He is absolutely AMAZING and my biggest mentor in […]



Dear Beautiful…

Dear Beautiful: Do not be so hard on yourself, there are plenty of people in life willing to do that. If you haven’t reach your specific goal yet, remember life happens causing your focus to go else where for the time being. Do not let that bring you down or allow  yourself to feel like a failure because it […]